How to Create More Shareable Content

One of the things you really want to happen when you provide content and information to your audience is that they share it with their friends. The main reason is that most people trust their friends more than they trust you, whom they do not know. Creating content that is more shareable and creating more of it will pay off by expanding your reach substantially.

Ensure Your Content Is Relevant

If you want your audience to share the content that you publish, it’s imperative that it is relevant to them. The content you share is all about them and should be directed toward them. When it makes them think, they are more likely to share it.

Create Honest and Telling Headlines and Thumbnails

The headline and thumbnail are probably two of the most important things initially. After all, that’s what they see before they click, and sometimes that’s all they see before they share it. Don’t trick anyone with the headline and thumbnail; make sure it states what’s inside for best results. However, this doesn’t mean you can't be creative. After all, you’re still trying to get the click.

Ask Them to Share

Most people just don’t think about sharing unless you put the idea in their mind. Ask them to share the content if you want them to share it. More people will just because you asked, even if they don’t read it.

Add Visual Elements That Catch Attention

Choose images, colors, and graphics wisely. Most people are going to only click through to read or watch something that they think relates to them. Just because you like pink doesn’t mean your audience does, so test colors, images, and visual elements to perfect it.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Sharable content is always more shareable if it’s not really lengthy. People want to consume the information quickly and then move on with their lives. This is why TikTok and Reels do so well. Remember; they will be prompted to find more of your content, so you don’t have to give them everything right away.

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Make It Interactive

People love to interact with content. Using quizzes, questionnaires, personality tests, and so forth is an effective way to create content that is sharable and effective in building your audience and making more sales.

Add Important Branding Information

When your content gets shared it can sometimes take on a life of its own. Ensure that you use every means available to you to add important branding information to the content. One way to do that is to also ensure that the original content lives on your website and that you share it from there. However, metadata in all art and documents is very helpful too.

Ensure the Content Is Optimized for the Platform

Don’t get lazy and create one form of sharable content and put it everywhere. You need to slightly edit the content so that you can optimize it for each platform where you publish it. You may not even want to publish certain content everywhere. It really depends on your audience, and it’s nice to have different types of content spread throughout the platforms you’re on.

Creating content with sharing in mind is a great way to ensure that your audience sees your message but also engages with it and lets their friends know about you. The old saying that “birds of a feather, flock together” is very true and your customers have friends and family that will make excellent customers too.

Creating “viral content” is a science and one of the best step-by-step methods I know can be found in a little book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger. I strongly recommend you read it.


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