Crypto I'm Investing In - 2022

For 2022 I'll ONLY be investing in cryptocurrencies. Last year my stock portfolio did not perform as well as I'd like, so this year I'll be taking on more risks, by investing in the following two cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum - eth

Why? - Most of the top companies in the US such as Amazon, JP Morgan, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. are using Blockchain technology built on the Ethereum network to optimize their businesses. I believe this trend will continue and drive Ethereum's price significantly higher. Prediction - $8,000

Polygon - matic

Why? - It's regarded by many to be the best scaling solution for Ethereum. Even as Ethereum rolls out Ethereum 2.0 which should solve most of the scaling problems, scaling solutions like polygon will continue to play a key role in Ethereum's success. Prediction - $7

This year is about taking risks (calculated of course) 💪.

I use 👉 Coinbase to Invest in Cryptocurrencies.

Want to donate crypto (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Matic, etc? Here's my wallet address: kirkbuchanan.crypto

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.